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If you are experiencing computer problems, allow us to assist!

Computer Networking

Installation, Design & Troubleshooting

Computer Hardware

Repairs & Maintenance

Computer Software

Installation, Updates & Website Design


 We are passionate about the services we can provide for you!

Computer Maintenance

Is your computer not performing the way it should? We can bring your PC back to proper health.

Remote Support

Need some assistance immediately? Sometimes problems cannot wait. Allow us to help from a distance away.

Network Design

Have a new or personal network in mind? We can help designing it according to your needs!

Repairs & Maintenance

Need a little extra? Let us help in how to improve your current PC if a new build is out of the question.

computer builds

Need a new computer system? We can assist in personalizing that dream computer you deserve.

Mobile Device Support

We offer support for a wide range of devices which includes backups, updates or just general support.

Device & File Backups

Require some backup ins securing your sensitive data? We are here to help with all of your backup needs.

Network Installations

Technology has dominated the world. Who does not need internet in their lives or business today?

Web Design

Need a website? We can help you re-invent your website or can create a new one from scratch.


What is CompFix?

CompFix provides a wide range of computer-related services to clients that require assistance. At CompFix, we believe that technical assistance is applicable not only in organisations as a whole, but in the daily life of every person in every setting. Here at CompFix, we are excited to collaborate with you.

Can WiFi be implemented anywhere?

Yes. Although this may be an overstatement, it is theoretically possible. CompFix does strive to cater to our customers for any situation and demand, which, naturally, can include the placement of WiFi.

What is Computer Hardware?

In the world of Information Technology, you will sometimes experience the computer technician referring to the strange term known as "Computer Hardware". Simply put, this is a reference to the physical components of the computer systems that the computer technician is troubleshooting.

How do I Upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10?

We are happy to explain this process that confuses so many of our clients, however, in a world where time is money, why not just allow us to help you with it so that you can continue doing things YOU love.